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Modern interior doors

If you are going for a modern interior that looks sleek and trendy, then of course it is best to opt for modern interior doors. Minimalism and style are key. With their clean lines or, on the contrary, their way of being virtually invisible, they provide every interior with a unique touch.

Adooré offers many different types of modern interior doors such as the L-frame and the X-frame. Scroll on to learn more about these wonderful additions to any interior.

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SignALUre by Adooré


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Sliding doors

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Minimalist & sleek

What are modern interior doors?

A modern interior door is both minimalist and stylish as well as tremendously sleek. There are different types, each providing a different feel for your home. There are modern block doors, sliding doors, pivot doors, etc.

These doors are very versatile. They are obviously at home in modern and contemporary interiors, but their minimalist look makes them fit into any interior. So modern interior doors are also a good choice in renovation projects of older homes.

With modern doors, you will enjoy optimal peace and space in your home. Their sleek build creates a sense of space.

Making the right choice for your interior is difficult. That is why we are happy to assist you in your search. Drop by our showroom or send us a message for down-to-earth, customized advice. We are happy to help you make the right choice.

Adooré doors

L-frame by Adooré

L-frames are very sleek modern doors. Like all of Adooré’s other doors, the L-frames are made by order. You fully decide the look of this door. So you choose the door leaf as well. It does not need to be flat to achieve the sleek look because the frame already takes care of this.

This door is also very suitable for renovations because it offers the possibility of working with a wider frame. Discover more information on Adooré’s site.

Adooré doors

A-frame by Adooré

Adooré’s A-frames are a budget-friendly variant of the L-frame. They are a full-fledged option with slightly fewer features available. For example, this door is not available in a ceiling-high variant.

Like the L-frame, the A-frame provides a sleek and timeless look.

Seamless connection

Invisible modern interior doors

Invisible interior doors are even sleeker than the other types of interior doors because they are virtually invisible. This is because they blend seamlessly with the wall, making them appear to be part of it.

They are a good option if you want to provide a real sense of space in a particular room. For example, think about making a small room look a little bigger or making a large space seem grand.

Witte moderne binnendeuren in kantoorruimte

Adooré doors

X-frame by Adooré

X-frame doors are the modern version of invisible doors. It is not an overstatement to call them the definition of sleekness because they really are virtually invisible. There is no visible framing and you choose whether to install an X-frame with or without a latch.

Furthermore, in terms of locks, there are 2 choices: a magnetic lock or fusion lock. The benefit of a magnetic lock? It looks a lot sleeker than the alternatives. Got something in your hands? Then close the door easily with your elbow!

Moderne binnendeur open met greep
Simplicity at its core

Modern block doors

We install a modern block door in a sleek frame 40 millimeters wide and 3mm thick. Features of this modern door type: very sleek and minimalist because simplicity is the focus here. This makes for a very modern look.

Adooré doors

D-frame by Adooré

Looking for a block door that takes the sleek appearance one step further? Adooré’s D-Frame is an interior door with an even tighter finish than other block doors. It is placed in a thin, seamless door frame 3mm thick, which ensures an extra sleek appearance.

These doors combine ideally with an aluminum baseboard that is also 3mm thick.

The Adooré D-Frame is the better alternative to a block door. Want to know more about this modern interior door?

Adooré doors

SignALUre by Adooré

The aluminum frame of SignALUre has a width of 45mm and a wall gap of 3mm, the wall thickness is also finished in an aluminum profile.

The frame can be provided in 2 different finishes: powder coated or anodized. Powder coating can be done in any RAL color. The default color is RAL-9016. Will you choose anodized? Then it can be in natural, matte black or bronze.

The door leaf can be provided with a textured paint that matches perfectly with the powder coating of the frame. A contrasting color is also possible.

An HPL finish offers endless possibilities such as matching the door to your cabinets or your kitchen.

Be sure to check out Adooré’s page with all the details. Or make an appointment right away to discover SignALUre in our showroom!

Seamless connection

Modern sliding doors

Modern sliding doors come in various shapes and forms. You can choose between built-in and surface-mounted. Learn more on our page about modern sliding doors. There is a lot to choose from, especially if you consider that we provide them custom made. Features of the modern variants: sleek design and quiet, smooth operation.

Witte, ingebouwde moderne binnendeuren

Adooré doors

Sliding doors by Adooré

Looking for a sleek, modern sliding door that you can have finished to your liking? Then an Adooré sliding door is right for you. For the batter, choose between recessed or surface-mounted. The latter is possible against both wall and ceiling.

Furthermore, you have the option of having the sliding door installed with soft-close. Want to know more about your options in terms of door leaf and finish?

Onzichtbare pivotdeur in keuken
Stylish & sleek

Modern pivot doors

Modern pivot doors are tremendously stylish and also sleek, a feature of any modern interior. They are placed with pivots on both the floor and ceiling that offer a different experience when opening. This also makes them rotate around their vertical axis in both directions.

Adooré doors

Adooré's pivot

This modern interior door has the look of the Adooré X-frame. Adooré’s pivot pivots to either side so it can be placed without a latch or handle.

Is your interest sparked and would you like to know more? Then check out Adooré’s page on their pivoting interior doors.

Witte moderne binnendeur
Wide range

Modern interior doors for any interior

There are surprisingly many types of modern interior doors, as well as many options in terms of finishes and materials. For example, you can choose between all kinds of white modern interior doors, modern wooden interior doors, modern interior doors with glass…

With sleek doors like the modern ones, we recommend choosing the same color as your wall or choosing another color that matches the wall. Consider a different shade of the same color, for example.

In short, there’s something for everyone. Would you like some more information about the different finishes? If so, we recommend stopping by. In our showroom you can view all our doors and base your choice on your experiences and our down-to-earth advice.


Frequently asked questions

This depends on many different factors: the material used, the finish chosen, the type of frame, etc. Inform well with your placer to avoid surprises. Visit Peeters Interieur and get a price quote right away!

This varies by door type. Installing a sliding door and pivot door takes much more time than installing a block door, for example. When we schedule the placement, we will let you know approximately how long we need. That way you are well informed.

Do you have another question for us?

Is your question not listed or would you like some additional information before buying an interior door? Feel free to let us know or stop by. We are happy to help you make the right choice.

How do we approach each project?

Roadmap for purchasing modern interior doors

Compose your custom interior doors in our showroom

Drop by our showroom in Meerhout and discover our endless options for modern interior doors. We will show you different designs and tell you all about the materials and finishing options. During this visit you determine your preferences, after which we put together an overall quotation. That way you'll know right away what your new doors will cost, including installation.

Personal on-site measurement

When you order your new interior doors, we immediately agree on a date for detailed on-site measurements and for the installation itself. This way we are 100% sure that the interior doors fit seamlessly into the doorways provided. These measurements are necessary for developing technical production drawings.

Expert installation by our skilled craftsmen

Before the installation date, we confirm our arrival. Our in-house craftsmen are responsible for a perfect installation and finish. We deliver everything neatly. When replacing existing doors, we take the old doors and trash with us, if desired, so you can enjoy your new doors right away.

Custom interior doors

Peeters Interieur in Meerhout

Custom interior doors are Peeters Interieur’s specialty. With our self-developed Adooré range, we are among the absolute trendsetters for modern doors in Belgium. For all kinds of custom doors, you’ve come to the right place.

Thanks to our in-house paint shop and with our years of experience, we finish every door to your liking. Every interior door is manufactured in our own workshop after a personal measurement. Professional installation and finishing is done by our in-house craftsmen.

Feel free to visit our showroom in Meerhout to get some inspiration and tailored advice.