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Aluminum interior doors

Aluminum & interior doors: say what?

Regarding aluminum interior doors, we offer 2 options. On the one hand, there are the steel look doors in aluminum: these are glass doors with a black frame. On the other hand, the SignALUre door, the flagship of the Adooré brand. These are doors with an aluminum frame that can be combined with a wooden door leaf.

ATTENTION: Peeters Interieur only manufactures interior doors.

Aluminium deuren en pivoterende glazen deur
Alu steel look door
Just like real steel

Aluminum steel look

Are you looking for an eye-catcher in your home? Or do you want to be able to close off a particular room but still want to retain the feeling of space and the light incidence? A steel look door made from aluminum is the ideal solution.

Our aluminum steel look doors are only available pivoting with a hold-open at 0° and 90°. Thus, they are also ideal for very high and/or wide doorways. Custom divisions can be provided on the glass.

The options are very diverse and can instantly give the door the right look to perfectly match your interior, from modern to rustic.

Benefits of aluminum:

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Adooré doors

SignALUre by Adooré

The SignALUre is a door with a sleek, minimalist frame made of aluminum. The frame is 45mm wide and 3mm thick, giving you the look of a block door.

The door leaf, on the other hand, is made of wood and can be provided with lacquer, but can also be given the look of laminate or, for example, veneer oak. The great advantage of this door is its very sleek look combined with its durability.

The aluminum frame is more resistant to moisture and is more scratch-resistant than a wooden door frame. Our door panels and frames are completely custom produced.

SignALUre by Adooré
Minimalist & stylish

Advantages of SignALUre aluminum interior doors

Adooré’s SignALUre doors are both durable and sturdy. The aluminum frame profile makes the door leaf extra stable and moisture resistant. The edges of the door leaf are better protected against lateral impacts and penetrating or rising moisture. Both the door leaf and the aluminum frame do not deform.

These doors fit any interior with their minimalist, stylish look and wide range of colors for the textured lacquer or HPL version. They really shine in a modern interior because of these features, but they are also a wonderful addition in other interiors.

A matte black textured paint is the choice most often made for the door leaf. This allows it to perfectly match the aluminum frame when it is powder-coated matte black. But, of course, there are more options available. For example, opt for an HPL finish to match the door leaf with your kitchen or cabinets.


Frequently asked questions

This depends on the size, door type, aluminum frame finish and the glass used. Be sure to stop by our showroom in Meerhout to find out your custom price right away.

Yes, so does the powder coating we use as a finish. You can easily clean the doors with some soap, water and a cloth. This will only extend the life of the aluminum.

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Is your question not listed or would you like some additional information before buying an interior door? Feel free to let us know or stop by. We are happy to help you make the right choice.

How do we approach each project?

Roadmap for purchasing aluminum interior doors

Compose your custom interior doors in our showroom

Come by our showroom in Meerhout and discover our endless options for interior doors. We will show you different designs and tell you all about the materials and finishing options. During this visit you determine your preferences, after which we put together an overall quotation. That way you'll know right away what your new doors will cost, including installation.

Personal on-site measurement

When you order your new aluminum interior doors, we will immediately agree on a date for detailed on-site measurements and for the installation itself. This way we are 100% sure that the interior doors fit seamlessly into the doorways provided. These measurements are necessary for developing technical production drawings.

Expert installation by our skilled craftsmen

Before the installation date, we confirm our arrival. Our in-house craftsmen are responsible for a perfect installation and finish. We deliver everything neatly. When replacing existing doors, we take the old doors and trash with us, if desired, so you can enjoy your new doors right away.

Custom interior doors

Peeters Interieur in Meerhout

Custom interior doors are Peeters Interieur’s specialty. With our self-developed Adooré range, we are among the absolute trendsetters for modern doors in Belgium. For all kinds of custom doors, you’ve come to the right place.

Thanks to our in-house paint shop and with our years of experience, we finish every door to your liking. Every interior door is manufactured in our own workshop after a personal measurement. Professional installation and finishing is done by our in-house craftsmen.

Feel free to visit our showroom in Meerhout to get some inspiration and tailored advice.