Natural look

Rural interior doors

Do you have a rural interior? Then it’s best to choose rural interior doors. These doors use their natural appearance to attract attention. This makes it important to choose the right door and provide it with a perfect finish.

Sleek rural doors are one of Peeters Interieur’s specialties.

landelijke binnendeur wit
landelijke binnendeuren in witte kleur met groeven
Rural or modern?

Benefits of rural interior doors

Sleek rural interior doors are a modern version of the old rural doors that used to be very popular. With this variant, you partly bring in the atmosphere of the past, but keep the sleek design in your interior.

These beauties are available in wood varieties such as oak or lacquered. As a result, these doors feel completely at home in a rural interior, but there are also more modern variations available to suit other interior styles.

rural look, extra light incidence

Country interior door with glass

A rural interior door with glass is perfect for people who love the rural look but also want more light incidence. You can choose between different types of glass such as clear, acidified (frosted) or sandblasted.

Clear glass is the choice of people who want the most light incidence and do not need extra privacy. Frosted glass is a better choice if you want to provide privacy. With sandblasted glass, you choose the balance between privacy and light.

If you choose a sleek, rustic door with glass, then you choose the division between glass and wood. There are different types of rods available. We provide lots of choices so you can choose the ones that fit your interior perfectly!

Greep houten landelijke binnendeuren
Fully custom-made

Custom rural interior doors

In terms of design, there are a huge number of options for custom rural interior doors. For example, we can draw special grooves in the door based on your preferences and fully customize the panels. In addition, modifying the door leaf to achieve a rural look is also an option.

Furthermore, you choose between a wide range of colors and types of lacquer to complete the rural look. Because we customize all our doors, you yourself choose the look that your rural door brings with it.

Are you, for example, not a fan of a super sleek look? Let the hinges radiate more, choose a latch with more character and combine the right color and batter. We are happy to assist you with this.

Landelijke binnendeuren in combinatie met natuursteen
Landelijke binnendeuren close-up
Extensive range

Which door system for rural doors?

You can fit a sleek country interior door with several systems, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, it is possible to install a pivoting rural door, a standard rural swing door….

The possibilities are endless. Handles and hinges can also be installed in a variety of designs to “finish” the look of your rural door.


Frequently asked questions

In a rural interior, of course, a rural door feels completely at home. The wood and the details in it blend in seamlessly with the rest of the interior.

From measurement to installation, the average delivery time is +/- 8 working weeks. Please note that in many cases our schedule is full more than 8 weeks in advance, so don’t wait until the last minute to order your doors and make sure you are on the schedule in time. Measurement can always be scheduled at a later time. Also be sure to come in early for info and/or a quote as the choice of your doors may affect other factors in your build such as the plaster, screed/floor (expansion joints and floor transitions), baseboards, etc.

When you order your interior doors from us, we always provide an on-site measurement to ensure that all measurements are correct. However, in order to receive an accurate quote, it may be helpful to already take your own measurements (approximate). The more info, the more concrete and correct your quote.

It is best to install the doors as late as possible in the construction/construction phase. After the doors are installed, all that follows is the installation of baseboards and painting. Especially with painted doors, it is best to install the doors as late as possible. The less chance of damage if one still has to pass with large elements or other work to be done. In addition, it is also very important that the moisture level in your building is no longer too high and that heating is already provided. The minimum temperature in the residence should be +/- 14°. This is to prevent moisture problems and warping of the door leaves.

Interior doors themselves can be replaced relatively easily. Still, there are many elements to consider when replacing interior doors:

  • Baseboards may need to be adjusted / worked back on / put on
  • In some cases, the plaster needs to be touched up. It is possible that when the old doors are broken out, the plaster may crumble.
  • Walls may need to be repainted. If you don’t like that, choose a frame at least as wide as the current one and preferably a little wider.

For example, if you want to install doors in your newly built home for the time being for budgetary reasons, don’t work on the baseboards yet and don’t paint yet or just prime the walls. Especially if you want to replace the doors relatively soon (after a few years). This will save you a lot of trouble and expense when replacing your doors.

You can choose to paint your interior doors yourself. Most doors are available both painted and painted versions. If you want to get a nice result, keep in mind that it is best to remove the door leaves from the casing and disassemble the hardware. That way you can work much more closely and the end result will be a lot finer. However, should you choose lacquered doors you still want to paint your doors years later, that is also perfectly possible. A primer is then not even necessary; you can paint over them right away.

This depends on many different factors: the material used, the finish chosen, the type of frame, etc. Inform well with your placer to avoid surprises. Visit Peeters Interieur and get a price quote right away!

This varies by door type. Installing a sliding door and pivot door takes much more time than installing a block door, for example. When we schedule the placement, we will let you know approximately how long we need. That way you are well informed.

Do you have another question for us?

Is your question not listed or would you like some additional information before buying an interior door? Feel free to let us know or stop by. We are happy to help you make the right choice.

How do we approach each project?

Roadmap for purchasing rural interior doors

Compose your custom interior doors in our showroom

Come by our showroom in Meerhout and discover our endless options for interior doors. We will show you different designs and tell you all about the materials and finishing options. During this visit you determine your preferences, after which we put together an overall quotation. That way you'll know right away what your new doors will cost, including installation.

Personal on-site measurement

When you order your new rural interior doors, we will immediately agree on a date for detailed on-site measurements and for the installation itself. This way we are 100% sure that the interior doors fit seamlessly into the doorways provided. These measurements are necessary for developing technical production drawings.

Expert installation by our skilled craftsmen

Before the installation date, we confirm our arrival. Our in-house craftsmen are responsible for a perfect installation and finish. We deliver everything neatly. When replacing existing doors, we take the old doors and trash with us, if desired, so you can enjoy your new doors right away.

Custom interior doors

Peeters Interieur in Meerhout

Custom interior doors are Peeters Interieur’s specialty. With our self-developed Adooré range, we are among the absolute trendsetters for modern doors in Belgium. For all kinds of custom doors, you’ve come to the right place.

Thanks to our in-house paint shop and with our years of experience, we finish every door to your liking. Every interior door is manufactured in our own workshop after a personal measurement. Professional installation and finishing is done by our in-house craftsmen.

Feel free to visit our showroom in Meerhout to get some inspiration and tailored advice.