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Glass doors

Many people looking for glass doors are actually looking for steel doors or steel look doors. These doors consist of several sections of glass and are separated by beams of steel, aluminum or wood finished with a black powder coating.

Both steel doors and steel look doors let in a lot of light and create a sense of space in your interior.

ATTENTION: Peeters Interieur only manufactures interior doors.

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Fits any style

Glass interior doors for any interior

Steel and steel look “glass doors” are sleek and elegant. They provide any room with a subtle eye-catcher that fits perfectly into any interior style. With its clean, minimalist look, this door feels completely at home in modern interiors.

This door also adds a unique atmosphere in other styles. Would you like to obtain a luxurious feeling in a classic interior? Then this door is one of the best options.

The special doors do not draw attention away from the rest of the interior, but rather emphasize its beauty by, for example, letting lots of light through. They remain in the background, but still offer a unique feel to any space.

Stylish and practical

Steel look glass doors

The most popular glass doors are steel look glass doors. These are steel look doors that use large areas of glass to bring a minimalist and grand feel to the home. These doors have a powder-coated finish that gives the door a neat, elegant look.

Matte black powder-coated aluminum is the most popular material today. It is a light but sturdy material that carries with it the advantages of steel, such as ease of maintenance. Steel look doors can also be made of wood with us.

All of our “glass doors” are custom made. This gives you more freedom to have your own door put together that really suits you.

The materials that make up a steel look glass door have the advantage of being easy to maintain . Our special powder coating makes this possible because it protects the material from rust and deformation. Do clean them regularly to be able to enjoy your doors for decades.

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Wide range

Interior door with glass

Glass provides pleasant light at doors. In terms of glass, we have a wide range that can be used with multiple door types. With clear glass, you enjoy the most light and an added sense of space. Then again, with acidified glass (frosted glass), you have more privacy and a little less light.

Letting in elegant light

Glass sliding door

A sliding glass door is a great option for elegantly connecting two spaces. It provides a sense of luxury and allows plenty of light through. This will better illuminate your interior and allow you to enjoy those super sunny days even more.

In modern interiors, clear, tempered glass feels completely at home because it is minimalistic and allows the most light to pass through. Do you prefer a sliding door that lets in a fair amount of light but also provides privacy? Then acidified glass (frosted glass) or sandblasted glass is a better alternative.

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Frequently asked questions

It depends on the size, door type chosen, type of glass and finish. If you choose a steel finish, the price tag will be higher than with a steel-look finish made of aluminum or wood.

Installing a glass door is precision work and, of course, varies by door type. We recommend contacting an expert to do this for you so that the door definitely does not fall off its hinges, for example.

Do you have another question for us?

Is your question not listed or would you like some additional information before buying an interior door? Feel free to let us know or stop by. We are happy to help you make the right choice.

How do we approach each project?

Roadmap for buying glass doors

Compose your custom interior doors in our showroom

Come by our showroom in Meerhout and discover our endless options for interior doors. We will show you different designs and tell you all about the materials and finishing options. During this visit you determine your preferences, after which we put together an overall quotation. That way you'll know right away what your new doors will cost, including installation.

Personal on-site measurement

When you are convinced by our proposal, we will make an appointment for detailed on-site measurements. This way we are 100% sure that the interior doors fit seamlessly into the doorways provided. These measurements are necessary for developing technical production drawings. While making the appointment for the measurement, we also agree on a placement date right away.

Expert installation by our skilled craftsmen

About two weeks before the placement date, we confirm our arrival. Our in-house craftsmen are responsible for a perfect installation and finish. We deliver everything neatly. When replacing existing doors, we take the old doors and trash with us, if desired, so you can enjoy your new doors right away.

Custom interior doors

Peeters Interieur in Meerhout

Custom interior doors are Peeters Interieur’s specialty. With our self-developed Adooré range, we are among the absolute trendsetters for modern doors in Belgium. For all kinds of custom doors, you’ve come to the right place.

Thanks to our in-house paint shop and with our years of experience, we finish every door to your liking. Every interior door is manufactured in our own workshop after a personal measurement. Professional installation and finishing is done by our in-house craftsmen.

Feel free to visit our showroom in Meerhout to get some inspiration and tailored advice.